Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The good cop!

Being good on road has its rewards. Trust me. It happened to me today morning!

Just as I was hurrying to cross the Agara junction to get to the road on the right of Agara lake (the one that starts with the Aiyappa Temple), I saw this poor chap in his cycle with a huge load of grass (real, Indian green grass, not the naughty, American one!) trying to cross that road. The cop on the other side was frantically waving motorists to get ahead since the crowd behind him had already piled up into a huge gathering. And then, I decided to use my friendly wave to let this guy pass, despite people honking behind me as if it was the last day on planet Earth.

I let this guy go in the sure hope that I need to wait for a few more minutes on this side of the road till the oncoming traffic moves off. Basically to wait for my turn. But guess what? The cop saw me waving to this grass fella and actually held the traffic behind him for those 5 extra seconds so that I can pass too! He was actually smiling and asking me to move fast!

Good gesture. Great cop! And did I forget my other pet theory - to wish/ wave cops on road? No way!


Abhishek said...

Hey Karthik, How come you have not posted anything for such a long time

Karthik S said...

Hi Abhishek, I usually post once every fortnight....planning the next post today, incidentally!