Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The noob traffic cop intern at Koramangala 1st block!

The first time I saw him, he seemed pretty scared with the traffic in that junction! He's kinda gotten over it nowadays - or so it seems.

I'm talking about the newbie traffic cop intern at Koramangala 1st block - at the junction close to the Little Home/ Sharma's dhaba. People take him for granted most of the time while he frantically waves at them and tries to make sense of the manic movement all around him. Auto drivers invariably don't even acknowledge his existence.

His latest prop seems to be some kind of neon baton with which he exudes some extra authority but to no effect.

I'm just wondering....is there any one who's checking this fella's progress? He doesn't look very cop'ish, so what kind of intern is he?

In any case, he does not seem to enforce the kind of authority he's supposed to - usually lets people treat him like a doormat, as they pass by him ignoring all his signs. Agreed, its the responsibility of drivers/ riders to obey what he's saying, but very few people seem to be doing that. To his credit he does have a good knack of how to manage traffic - lets a longer queue move first and plans things well. Just that, he's a bit too scared to stop/ reprimand people who don't obey him...again, I wonder if he has such powers. Without those, he's as good as non-existent in that junction, anyway!

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Abhishek said...

Well, In Bangalore, nobody cares. It is very difficult for such cops to manage traffic. These commuters do not obey traffic rules, do not drive safely and then in public forums they say that the roads of Bangalore are not safe, the cops are unfriendly etc etc. I do no know when this will all change