Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Be ashamed. Very very ashamed.

I find people regularly parking outside the GK Vale - on the right hand side of the road, in Koramangala 5th block. I'm sure they think, its just for a few minutes - they can just pick up their stuff and scoot. But it so happens that they manage to block the traffic since the other side of the road is usually parked to the hilt - usually double parked too - and this 'few minutes' bloke ends up blocking the traffic.

Just one small suggestion to you if you get that urge to park on the wrong side on any road - BE ASHAMED. VERY VERY ASHAMED. You're educated. Supposedly cultured and you're breaking a seemingly innocuous law that can cause amazing nuisance to a large group of people. Reason enough to be ASHAMED in all caps!


Anonymous said...


if that would work, we wouldn't be doing a lot of things the way we do! I once had to launch a tirade against a friend, who popped a candy into his mouth and casually tossed the wrapper out the window! We were both in the US together for a while and I'm sure he would've never done that there!

I do a small scale personal campaign against littering, like your drive against road-courtesy. And I realized that shame plays no part in the equation!

rockypg at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

oops: drive *for* road courtsey

Karthik S said...

I do agree, shame cannot be a factor at all. It may even be counter-productive and end up antagonizing the other person. But thankfully, I'm saying this in an online forum...wouldn't dream of doing/ saying this on the road, without expecting commensurate bodily harm in return.