Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Show them who's better!

Yes! There's a way to get things done on the road by not being forceful. It works for me many times. Let me not focus on the times it hasn't worked, simply because the other party was an imbecile.

Lemme explain this.

You see a car/ bike in front of you slowing down with a u-turn hand signal (that itself is a huge plus, what more can you expect?). He stops. You stop behind him. After a mandatory 10 second gap, folks behind you start honking as if you have stopped the traffic intentionally. You buck to the pressure and honk at the guy in front of you, who is, in any case, desperately looking for a break in the other lane's traffic so he can squeeze in.

Try not honking and smiling at that guy understandingly! Try it. It directly puts the onus on the other guy and he'd in fact signal you that he's trying his best. It actually passes the onus on him to act fast without you using your horn.

This can be used for security guards at gates. Instead of honking, wait for a few seconds at the gate. If its dark, use your headlight to signal the guards. The next time he'd be doubly alert not just for you, but for everybody else! This is merely an extension one of my pet ideas on letting pedestrians cross, consciously and visibly waving at them to do so. Being humble has its benefits.

Now, what have you done? Simple. You have merely proved to the other party that you are a lot more mature, patience and civil. That you can actually look at the situation from the other person's point of view and act without bias. That puts you in a position of power. As against, you honking and feeling helpless.

As for the morons who take advantage of your patience in this situation, they do not deserve the maturity and patience from you anyway. You cannot force anybody to be civil on the road, so get over these exceptions.


Driver said...

That was a really good thought Karthik. After all, we Indians are known for the worst time keepers on most matters, but amazingly we are more impatient on the road even for a few seconds.

Marina said...

oh hey, just wanted to let you know that i think this is really good work. I am so sick and tired of hearing people honk on our conjested bangalore roads for no good reason that i think your effort is really applaudable.

Karthik S said...

Thanks Driver and Marina, for the support. I'm really happy to see at least 2 people agreeing with my not-so-conventional methods!