Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The point is being dramatic and different!

Some feedback on yesterday's posts...some folks wrote back on my suggestions sounding a tad implausible.

My intention behind this blog is not to reiterate existing road rules - its to do something off-beat so that people notice you're trying to communicate something different - for improving the standard of people using the roads.

For instance, when I let a perennial honker overtake I do it almost dramatically that he least expects such an action from another car driver. I literally stop in a huff on to one side of the road, roll down the window and with a smile, wave him to overtake me. The other guy, even if he's a cab driver, usually looks completely bewildered and is a bit too dazed to continue honking after someone else. Again, I use such tactics everyday when necessary and have seen it working occasionally too. There are of course folks who don't care what I do and just pass me. Fine with me....if I change/ initiate a change in one of them, thats a huge success.

The idea is to take folks one at a time.

The smiling while driving part also got some feedback on it not possible on an everyday basis. C'mon....just try it without being judgmental! Its simply a positive reinforcement to get yourself in a happy frame of mind.

Plus, how many people have you seen driving with a smile? On second thoughts, how many people have you seen smiling and moving on the road? More so when they are alone? Why not initiate a change and smile for a change - forcing a smile if need be? No, seriously, let go off preconceived notions and try it! You wont look like an idiot, driving with a smile alone in a car - I can vouch for that. If not anything, people will wonder why you're looking happy....you probably heard a good Babbar Sher on Radio City and on those lines. Good beginning I'd say.

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